Sum of the Parts Opening

The opening on Saturday 11 August for The Cultural Mapping Project exhibition Sum of the Parts was a huge success. Because of the high number of participants the exhibition took place at three venues in Devonport each with its own particular emphasis. The Depot on Clarence St focussed on the development of the Cultural Mapping Project, Peace is Not Merely the Absence of War was the title of the installation at The Museum of the Vernacular on Kerr Street and Peace, Paintings, Prints and Poets was housed at the Maungauika/North Head Barracks.

We would like to thank all of you who have supported Sum of the Parts by coming along, exhibiting work or helping to organise such a significant event.

The Cultural Mapping project (an on-going creative initiative) is dynamic, interactive and educational. Both the project and the exhibition are committed to exploring New Zealand’s cultural identity and development through ‘cultural mapping’ which takes the form of installations, artworks and events. Architecture, the natural environment, industrial design, visual arts, language, personal development, cultural genealogy, musical composition, poetry and peace in and of Aotearoa New Zealand, were just some of the lenses with which exhibition participants identified with cultural development.

Sum of the Parts will run until Thursday 30 August, so come along and see what is on display.