Whenua: Land Exhibition Catalogue

Now available on ISSUU! Whenua: Land Exhibition Catalogue!

The Whenua: Land exhibition is currently being held during Matariki and celebrates the advent of the Māori New Year and the place of whenua in generating new life. It celebrates the distinctive perceptions of and relationships to whenua of artists both past and present. Our hope for this exhibition is that it raises awareness of our place on this land, Papatuanuku, and creates greater appreciation for the privilege of our presence here.

Matariki is both the name of the Pleiades star cluster and also of the season of its first rising which signals the beginning of the New Year. When the stars are at their brightest it is thought that this is the most auspicious time for planting. Hence, we acknowledge both the confluence of stars and the fertility of whenua.

Exhibiting Artists: Joanne Barrett, Robyn Gibson, Richard Joughin, Sean McDonnell, Celia Walker, Jermaine Reihana, Don Binney, Howie Cooke.

Whatungarongaro te tangata. Toitū te whenua – People perish but the land endures.