The supreme Coffee Supreme

Ruby and I are happy to confess to our caffeine addictions. It’s that cup of hot black gold that gets us going in the morning.

I don’t mind waking up and smelling the coffee especially if it’s Supreme!

Peace and sustainability feature heavily in The Cultural Mapping Project as key concerns of future cultural development which is one reason why Supreme is perfectly aligned to sponsor two of the main cultural mapping project exhibition events: the opening of Sum of the Parts and the Kiwi Nuggets Roadshow.

Supreme is unabashed about their commitment to ethical trading and pays its growers above the Fairtrade minimum and also above market prices. They also send their New Zealand staff to visit growers in Africa and the Americas. You can watch a short article from TV 3 about their ethical stance here…

The barista training, the ordering system that ensures only fresh beans and fresh grind reach the customer and the fine tuning of machines that is ensured by Supreme at each of their retailers sets them above the competition. As a caffeine fiend (with faded 90’s barista dreams) with consciousness, I highly recommend looking for their friendly logo to indicate where the good stuff is from city to city.

Supreme really is Supreme!