How we made a book that addresses suicide

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(Image: Lily)

We recently launched the book ‘The Roaring Silence’ – a compendium of essays, interviews, art, poetry, and prose about suicide. The book is 160 pages long, with 79 fantastic contributions that address how we can reduce suicide in New Zealand. (Order it by emailing – $30 + postage)

With a sensitive topic like suicide, the ‘how’ became really important. Here’s a few of the ‘hows’ that were essential to the process of making this book.

  • We communicated with the contributors individually, and checked in with some of the writers of more ‘raw’ work, so make sure they had good support systems around them
  • We really listened to people. Giving someone your whole attention can sometimes be a simple way of supporting them
  • We encouraged people. We celebrated the contributions and the contributors and encouraged them to make more
  • We asked them to keep in touch. With 79 contributors, we have a community of people that are interested on speaking up about this important social issue
  • We want to continue the dialogue by developing a tumblr for future contributions:

Check out the video from the launch or this walk through on youtube:

If you have any enquiries about the book please email:

The Roaring Silence is a book about suicide awareness, comprising contributions from 79 artists, writers, poets, and a few professionals from all generations and backgrounds, and from throughout the country who collectively communicate the message that life is both dark and bright and that none of us is immune from times of shadow.

As editor Amelia Harris remarks in her introduction; “In putting this together I’ve realised how much everyone is affected by suicide. Even normal everyday people like my parents have been affected by suicide at some stage in their lives.”

The Roaring Silence is essential reading. In its diversity and creativity it is enlightening and empowering, challenging and reassuring and a great read.

With contributions from:
Aaron Kevin Croawell, Alexander Wright, Alice Tumblescribbleson, Allan McEvoy, Amethyst Caverhill, Anita Mary, Antoinette Ratcliffe, Ashton Brown, Bernie Harfleet and Donna Turtle Sarten, Beth Ducklingmonster, Caitlin Smith, Chris McBride, Colleen Henry, Dallas Gopi, Darly Royan Paraha, David Merritt, Deborah Alma, Elaine De Guzman, Elisabeth Horsfall, Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod, Emma Bryson, Erica Smith, Finola Scott, Fraser Williamson, Gilbert Lawrence, Grace Shelley-Poschl, Grant Alexander, Heidi North-Bailey, Hugh Wilson, Imogen Rogers, Irina May, James F Easteal, Jamie McEwan, Jenny Laycock, Jodie Ancliff, Jude Galang, Judge Neil MacLean, Julia West, Jutta Humpfer, Karin Hofko, Karen Belk, Kay McGregor, Kiri Piahana-Wong, Kirin Cerise, Kristina Cavit, Lauri Lee In-Jung Shore, LIFELINE, Lily, Linda Jarrett, Linda Stevenson, Lyndsay Brock, Lynn Lawton, Manu Fotu, Marina Grey, Markus Hofko, Matthew Crookes, Matthew George Richard Ward, Mavis Gulliver, Melissa Fergusson, Miriam Barr, Mohamed Hassan, Nancy Brier, Natasha Lay, Nigel Brown, Paul Chapman, Qalina, Rangituhia Hollis, Richard von Sturmer, Robyn Gibson, Robyn Pickens, Rod Emmerson, Rosie Whinray, Rozana Lee, Sam Orchard, Shaq Leota, Simon Esling, Sticks and Stones, Tanya Ruka, To’asavilli Tuputala, Vanessa Crofskey.