Vernacular Landscapes at the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum

An exhibition of vernacular landscape paintings has just been installed at the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum in Devonport!

Above (L-R): Don Binney, Betty Curnow, Robyn Gibson


Works by Robyn Gibson, Don Binney, Richard Joughin, Dean Buchanan, Anna Hollings, Betty Curnow, Rob Tucker and Clare Purser feature courtesy of the artists, the private collectors and the Museum of the Vernacular.

Aotearoa New Zealand is world renowned for picturesque scenery and verdant landscape. The artist has often perpetuated that idea but just as frequently New Zealand artists have chosen the landscape to communicate other ideas.

What do these landscapes mean to you?
What do you think they mean to the artists who made them?
When you think of the New Zealand landscape what image springs to mind?

This pop up exhibition is only up until Wednesday October 10 so get in while you can.

The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum is located at 64 King Edward Parade in Devonport. Admission is free and the opening hours are 10am-5pm 7 days.A massive thanks to Neville and Robyn for a clean cut installation job. What a team!