“Vernacular… belonging in place, knowing your own stories, realizing your own potential. Being yourself rather than trying to be someone else.”  Tony Watkins

Watch this space! Lounge coming to you from the 17th November at the Museum of the Vernacular at Kerr Street.

The lounge is a distinctly New Zealand phenomenon (part of the New Zealand vernacular). The way in which New Zealanders use the word lounge to describe a living space is distinct to our culture and the lounge itself plays a central part in New Zealand’s household activity.

An interactive lounge, The Vernacular Lounge is an environment where people are encouraged to make their own cultural explorations through participatory activities and interactive installations.

The Vernacular Lounge is a concept of The Depot.  To date installations of the Vernacular Lounge have taken place at Satellite Gallery, several locations at The Depot and the Museum of the Vernacular.

But wait! There’s more!

Peace Space also launches in November as part of Lounge. It will feature changing exhibits, interactive installations and activities.

Peace Space celebrates the considerable impact the peace movement has had on our cultural development, our identity and our perceived identity abroad as New Zealanders. It aims to acknowledge the many individuals and events that have helped to define Aotearoa New Zealand as a peaceful nation.

“Cultures are not manufactured by artists or declared by committees. They are the responses of peoples, in a particular time and a particular place, to that time and that place…They are not shaped by social revolutions but by a continuous accumulation of personal rebellions. They are enriched by the tensions of challenge. They are about difference more than they are about sameness.” Hamish Keith

To find out more please email ruby.watson@depotartspace.co.nz or erin.forsyth@depotartspace.co.nz