The Cultural Mapping Project Update/an introduction to the National Vernacular Museum

The Cultural Mapping Project Update/an introduction to the National Vernacular Museum

You may have read in the last post that The Cultural Mapping Project was moving to Kerr St, at the foot of Mount Victoria and we are delighted to confirm that the move is underway!
The project is still represented in The Vernacular Lounge at The Depot on Clarence St too. Why not drop in and interact with the evolving installation? It would be great to have your input. For example you may wish to add some words or phrases to the vernacular blackboard, words/phrases that relate to the current topic ‘The NZ Holiday’; or, you may wish to add information about a creative friend of yours to the ‘A Place Like Devonport’ map.
Originally Cultural Mapping House was considered as a name for the building; but we quickly came to realize that the building could potentially house a lot more than a single project and that it could be used to expand the exploration of the New Zealand vernacular into greater detail.
With input from the gallery community ‘The National Vernacular Museum’ has been selected as a title. The Depot is excited to announce the transformation of Kerr St Artspace into this new form. Read on to find out more…

Ao’tear’oa, Anna Hollings, Oil on canvas, 2011

The National Vernacular Museum:

The Depot’s National Vernacular Museum (NVM) is dedicated to an exploration of New Zealand’s cultural heritage and its perpetual development in relation to a distinctive national identity; charting the origins of a local/NZ vernacular, its current representations, and potential influences on its future development.

The NVM as a museum is defined by this dynamic process of exploration and discovery built by community response as collections and informative, interactive exhibits.

This museum form has evolved from The Depot’s continuing exploration of the national vernacular, demonstrated in the Cultural Icons, The Vernacular Lounge and The Cultural Mapping projects.

The NVM will be opening soon. We would sincerely appreciate any feedback, questions or comments you may have about this new venture.

Please feel free to distribute this information. If you have any inquiries contact Project Co-ordinator Erin Forsyth by phoning (09) 963-2331 or emailing