Cultural Mapping and The Vernacular Lounge

Cultural Mapping and The Vernacular Lounge

The project is getting big. Fast.

It’s so big it’s taken over a whole room and in early February it will take over a whole building!

At the moment the project is represented by a new installation The Vernacular Lounge which is a place to relax, to add to the project, to view various mapping examples, clips of the Cultural Icons series and iconic New Zealand ephemera.

The space is literally dressed like a lounge, with couches and wallpaper to boot…

On Saturday The Depot opened the Taste of The Depot exhibition.

It is the first exhibition of the year and features a range of artwork from artists who are part of the upcoming exhibition programme for 2012 including John Coley and Rodney Wilson. I guess you could say that the Vernacular Lounge is a taste of The Cultural Mapping Project as there is a lot more to come!

We’ve set up a blackboard for people to contribute to under different headings.  At the moment you can add your vernacular words or phrases. It’s only been up since Friday and it’s almost full!

So what is this word Vernacular..? Well here is a lazy Wikipedia answer:

A vernacular is the native language or native dialect of a specific population, as opposed to a language of wider communication that is not native to the population, such as a national language or lingua franca.

What we are trying to do at the moment is identify and document people, places and things that have contributed/contribute to, our culture as New Zealanders.  So the use of vernacular in this instance is extended to things like objects and architecture as well as the traditional definition describing the use of language.

But we are moving! And it is exciting!

We do not have an official name yet for the building and so welcome any suggestions. Here’s a little bit about what will be happening:

We are excited to announce The Cultural Mapping
Project’s move a new permanent interactive
installation space in operation from early Feb!
The Cultural Mapping Project has been growing at a rapid pace and was in need of a
home where it can take root and branch out; a place where people can interact with
the project, view and contribute to existing mapping examples, investigate their own
cultural heritage, and be encouraged to take part in a programme of events. We have
found just the thing in the form of The Depot’s Kerr St Artspace at the foot of Mount
The Cultural Mapping House will function as a hub of activity for cultural cartographers,
as a space to introduce people to the project and a place for people to research their
own cultural identity. The house will be a place for people to go and do things as well as
Things to do and see will include:
-Interactive installation-
Mapping examples in production, new examples as they are produced, examples
that may be contributed to
-Culturally relevant artwork and ephemera on display with a proven relationship to the
Cultural Mapping Project
-Reference Library-
Books, magazines and other printed matter the references the make up of the
New Zealand vernacular and our current social and creative environment
-Audio visual library-
Facilities for the public to listen to or watch the Cultural Icons series, the Cultural
Mapping Project series and other relevant audio/visual material as it is identifi ed
Resident cartographer/mapping assistant
-Mapping facilities available-
Some materials provided for contribution to existing mapping projects/ resident
-The Cultural Mapping Project will produce a schedule of events and accepts submissions
for relevant cultural events