Community Q&A

The Vernacularist

NUMBER TWO: The Community Issue


Number two of The Vernacularist is currently in production. It’s important for the journal to feature as many different people and opinions as possible read on to find out how you can contribute today.

Contributing can be really simple. Here are TWO different ways you can easily contribute to the upcoming community issue. For all enquiries about contributing/submissions please email
ONE: The Vernacularist Q&A (Scroll down to read the questions)
Cut and paste the questions below into an email and type your answers then email them to the address below.
When emailing please attach 1-3 photos that represent the community in question and a 2-3 line bio (about yourself)
Print the questions, hand write your responses and post them along with 1-3 photos that represent your community and a 2-3 line bio (about yourself) 
TWO: A collaborative photo essay
Supply an image that celebrates your community and/or one that shows current threats to your community.
It seems important to highlight and contrast the impact of threats (such as financial crises on some communities) and how/what communities celebrate. An example of the former may simply be buildings or areas that have become unoccupied and an example of the latter may simply be a gathering of your community or individuals practising a craft specific to your community. You can send one of each if you like. 
Notes for all contributions: 
Please make sure that you only send images that you have the right to use. If somebody else you know took them then please send their full name so they can be credited. Please indicate the year and location they were taken and any other info you would like included.
Please send a 2-3 line bio that may be published in the contributors section. You can use a link to a website you use as an alternative.
Email address:
Postal address:
Depot Artspace
28 Clarence St
New Zealand

If you haven’t seen ‘The Vernacularist, Number One: Vernacular Perspectives’ you can now find it online here.


Please respond to as many of the following questions or descriptions as possible focusing on one particular community group you are/were a part of. Email to

What is your name and where are you from?

What comes to mind when you think about community?

Community – dead or alive? Why?

What is (was) the name and focus of your community; is it a place, a shared interest, a cultural connection or something else? Please describe:

What/who keeps (kept) your community together?

What (were) are some of the challenges facing your community?

What things do (did) you celebrate as a community?

What does (did) your community give to you and what do you give to it?

What do (did) you value about your community?