Volunteers: Help to map New Zealand’s cultural identity

Are you interested in New Zealand’s creative community? What about cultural identity?

Have you ever thought about what makes New Zealand the place it is, aside from it’s geographical location, sheep and rugby?

We are looking for creative individuals or groups to help us to develop a web-based cultural map that will literally map information and links that relate to cultural development. The map itself looks at New Zealand’s continually evolving cultural identity and the individuals, events and environmental factors that have informed its development to date.

If you enjoy working with other creatives and can see the value in creating visibility for arts and culture in and of New Zealand in an accessible and dynamic model then email me!

The mapping process is easy and can be done from almost anywhere (if you’ve used the internet before you’ll be sweet).

This is a chance to be involved in a community informed initiative which looks at different ways of exploring our cultural identity rather than providing an authoritative stance. It is ongoing and you can contribute as much or as little as you like.

The project took inspiration from The Depot’s Cultural Icons programme and is a part of an ongoing investigation into New Zealand’s ‘vernacular’. It is a dynamic initiative that applies principle techniques used by worldwide organisations (such as UNESCO or United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to map our tangible and intangible cultural assets as New Zealanders.

This online map is an important part of the project and will feature as part of the upcoming Cultural Mapping exhibition ‘Sum of the Parts’ in August 2012.

  • You’ll be working on a creative project with international scope
  • You will be credited as an author for all of the articles you ‘map’
  • You get to research things that are of genuine interest to you
  • You’ll be working with a community network of other mappers that includes emerging and established artists from all disciplines, academics and other good folk
  • You’ll get an amazing reference for future employees

If you are interested in becoming involved in the project or if you would like to know more email Project Coordinator Erin Forsyth erin.forsyth@depotartspace.co.nz