Barry Brickell x Dougald Page x Richard Joughin x Firefly design x Aleksandra Petrovic


 Below: Barry’s work has almost sold out since the opening on Saturday


Saturday was a busy day here at Depot Artspace with four exhibitions opening to an eager audience. The space formerly known as the Small Dog Gallery boasts Barry Brickell’s ‘Last Ever Pottery Sale?’, the main gallery features Dugald Page: A Retrospective of an Arts Educator, Project space features light and interior design curated by Firefly design for New Zealand design week, while in the Vernacular Lounge you can find Richard Joughin’s Changeable Sculptures are on display.

In the hallway space new prints by Aleksandra Petrovic are also on display and available for purchase in limited editions. Aleks has curated a small selection from her enormous back catalogue of intricate illustrations for this delicate display. Working mainly with inks and very fine black pigment liner pens, Alek’s superb attention to detail works harmoniously with her signature compositions which feature ritualistic appearances.

For information of these exhibitions and more visit the Depot Artspace website

Below: Possessed by Elves, Aleksandra Petrovic, edition of 5 ink and pencil on paper, A5.


Above: the work of Richard Joughin. Below: the main gallery was packed for the 4 simultaneous openings.IMG_4486 IMG_4496
IMG_4506 IMG_4515