Toi Ora x Secret Walls x The Key to Life charity auction

Secret Walls is an international series of live art ‘battles’.

Work by Shine Darlington

The final Secret Walls events for Aotearoa, New Zealand’s took place last year in front of a live audience, featuring some of Auckland’s favourite street artists including Shine Darlington (image above), Wert 159 and Will Saunders (image below).

All of the works from the battles are now being exhibited at the Te Karanga Gallery and Toi Ora Gallery in Auckland from Mon 17th Feb to Fri 21st February and are up for grabs on Trademe with full proceeds being donated to The Key to Life Charitable Trust.

The Key to Life is a charitable organisation “aiming to forever change the way New Zealanders think, act and feel about mental health and suicide”.

The auctions are open until Monday February 17.