Barry Brickell’s Plastic Memories book launch celebration

Barry Brickell launched his handsome book Plastic Memories at Depot Artspace last Wednesday in the midst of Artweek Auckland festivities. Many familiar faces  joined Barry (pictured above centre) in the release of this limited edition hand-bound book including Cultural Icons patron Denys Trussell, Gil Hanly, Tony Watkins, Greer Twiss and Ruth Coombs. The launch made for a celebratory atmosphere with Barry and Linda Blincko (Depot Artspace’s Creative Director pictured below right) introducing the book with a candid Q&A._MG_1840

The book focusses on Barry’s ’38 years of story telling in clay’.

Between 1967 and 2007, Barry Brickell was commissioned to make eleven series of multi-tile ceramic murals, using a technique he calls ‘two and a half’ dimensions. These major works are in wood-fired terracotta, using clay from Barry’s Driving Creek Potteries.

Plastic Memories is limited to 300 copies each individually numbered. It is available now from Depot Artspace for $80NZD._MG_1837

_MG_1851Above: many happy and familiar faces attended the launch of Plastic Memories last Wednesday…