Making Community Happen exhibition open now in the Outerspace gallery

“These days communities are a rarity and they need a strong collective will and considered action to sustain them. Where they are themselves enlightened and liberated, they encourage and nurture this among their members.” – Paradise Lost? The Colonisation of Community, Linda Blincko, LOUD 34, 2006.



Making Community Happen is dedicated to Trish Joughin

Local Icon and former Deputy Major Trish Joughin passed away last Sunday…Trish served four terms on the council, three as Deputy Mayor and was the co-founder of Devonport Heritage which started in the 1990s. Her part in the fight to retain independence for the Devonport borough council and her heritage work was recognized with the creation of the Trish Joughin reading room in the Devonport Library. Joughin was passionate about Devonport and stuck to her principles until the very end…Trish Joughin dedicated herself to the Devonport community and will be missed. Her funeral was held at the St. Paul’s Church on Friday the 17th of May.

– Image and quote above in blue provided by the Devonport Flagstaff

You are invited to participate in our very special project Making Community Happen.

Making Community Happen is an ongoing project celebrating the people (yourself included) and places of Devonport that contribute and have contributed to the Devonport community. Through your participation this project aims to explore the dynamics of community identity and the distinct and renowned character of the Devonport community. This exhibition in Outerspace gallery is an introduction to a wider project to take place in 2014 and which begins here by creating a dialogue about how important community is and how it can be sustained.blackboard

Participation is easy! The Outerspace gallery features simple ways to interact such as adding the names of people and places that make Devonport not just a place but a community to you. You are also invited to bring in photos, artwork or ephemera (such as newspaper clippings or objects) of meaning to you in relationship to this community.

Big THANKS to Rebecca McMillan, Cathy Gunn and Barry Brickell from the Devonport Community House for contributing loads great material.

Making community happen is open NOW in the Outerspace gallery in Depot Artspace, 29 Clarence St, Devonport, Auckland