Just The Ticket #2!

1981 Tour Protests

After a piece in the NZ Herald (June 15th) which followed up on the MoV posting “Just the Ticket”, regarding the 1981 Springbok Tour protests, we received some interesting responses which indicated that this event is seriously imbedded in New Zealand’s vernacular history, and is a definitive comment on our perception of national identity.

Here is an anecdote sent in from Taupo with an image of the tour rosette and unused ticket.

“Had a chuckle reading Linda’s story about the Springbok v Auckland ticket stub.¬†Brings back memories of my experience at the Wellington Test match where I thought I could at least double my investment on a spare ticket. ( see attachment ) Thousands of protesters put paid to that.

After my small group of friends and I were smuggled in the back of a furniture truck from Johnsonville to the southern end of Athletic Park we were lucky to actually get into the ground. And yes we were able to see the whole Match.
Just thought I would share my experience with you.” Steve from Taupo