Gifford Jackson: Women and Places 1955 – 2013, a photographic exhibition

gifford jackson poster smallOpening May 16 at 11.30am
16 May – 13 June
Vernacular Lounge
After the successful Gifford Jackson: New Zealand Industrial Design Pathfinder exhibition and book launch here at the Depot Artspace, Jackson is back with his photography show Women and Places 1955 – 2013.

Gifford says of his photographic work “Photography has not been my profession but it has been an important adjunct to my main work as an industrial designer, but beyond that, it has been a window (to) the world…two themes have dominated my other photography, not as record, but as something in itself, for aesthetic reasons. These two are: exotic places of great beauty and portraiture of women.”

Nicola Wood English illustrator in New York early 1960

Above: Nicola Wood, English Illustrator in New York, Gifford Jackson, early 1960’s
These stunning photographs of gorgeous women and scenery were taken over a period of 57 years in many places around the world including Auckland, Glasgow, London and New York. Jackson uses Swedish Hasselblad cameras, and the one he has now (pictured) is 52 years old. All of his images are taken on medium format film and are sometimes later digitised.