Museum of the Vernacular – good as gold!

Little high, little low – this week from the Museum of the Vernacular we bring you good news with the sad!

We are happy to welcome Robyn Gibson as the Museum of the Vernacular curator. Robyn was invaluable for the Sum of the Parts exhibition and we are sure that with Robyn’s experience as a visual artist, curator and general superwoman-esque ways, she will be a real tribute to the Cultural Mapping Project. Robyn will be working alongside Ruby Watson, who will continue her role as the Peace Space Co-ordinator, to develop the Lounge exhibition. Lounge will be coming to you from the 17th of November.

‘But what about Erin?’ I hear you ask. Erin Forsyth’s time at the Depot as the Project Coordinator for the Cultural Mapping Project and the Museum of the Vernacular has come to an end. We are sorry to see Erin go, however, it is a great opportunity for Erin’s personal artistic pursuits. Watch this space! What a pleasure to have worked with Erin on the development of the Cultural Mapping Project and in particular the exhibition Sum of the Parts. We wish Erin all the best in her endeavors. Follow her progress at

No need to panic – with changes in the midst the Cultural Mapping Project will not be grinding to a halt! As well as developing Lounge, we are working on The Cultural Mapping Project Publication which will be a collaborative publication which documents responses to the three driving questions behind the Cultural Mapping Project:

“What comprises Aotearoa New Zealand’s cultural identity?”

“What is it about Aotearoa New Zealand and New Zealanders that sets us apart?”

“What is culturally significant to you as a New Zealander?”

The publication will feature new and recorded responses to these questions with the intention of creating a community informed snapshot or cross-section of Aotearoa New Zealand’s cultural identity.

The Vernacular Calendar is also a work in progress. This calendar will provide information and education about key cultural dates/events that are significant to New Zealanders.

Please contact for further information regarding the Cultural Mapping Project.

Thank you!