Tasty Installations in the Vernacular Lounge

This week there are two new interactive installations in the Vernacular Lounge at The Depot. Paint a Face by Robyn Gibson and Food For Thought by Siobhan Garrett.

PAINT A FACE!!! – Collaborate with artist Robyn Gibson for the Devonport Arts Festival

Polka dots or stripes? Tiger face or villain? What colour funny face can you paint? You can now paint a face in the Vernacular Lounge at The Depot. Your painted face will then feature in an outdoor installation for the Devonport Arts Festival, created by mischievous mastermind Robyn Gibson.

Food for Thought – Something tasty in the Vernacular Lounge

Artist Siobhan Crawley has created an appetising installation in the Vernacular Lounge for you to enjoy which she describes as “an installation inviting the audience to engage in the act of remembering formative social experiences involving food… Many of our earliest food memories link us to family and whanau.” You are invited to share your food memories and fixations. Why not take the time to play, talk and remember all the memorable meals and memorable people who gathered to eat them.

Siobahn will be in the gallery on Fridays and Saturdays 11am – closing