Introducing Siobhan Crowley…

We are fortunate enough to have the wonderfully energetic and inspiring Siobhan Crowley* with us at the Depot as part of an internship through Unitec. What better way to get to know someone than with a few nosey questions – here I go!

*Upon instructions from Siobhan Julia Roberts’ hair and Angelina’s lips may have been harmed in the making of this photo.

RW: Tell me a bit about your course at Unitec Siobhan. What are you studying? What are you working on? How far through are you?

SC: Hi Ruby, I’m studying for my Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at Unitec Mt Albert campus and I’m coming to the end of my second year – so I will graduate end of next year. I’m majoring in Visual Arts and and my practice is essentially a contemporary drawing practice encompassing: installation, painting, and drawing. Basically if it rocks my world I just go will the flow and do it!!! At present for my semester two brief and submission I’m doing a room sized installation – drawing with tape, cutting back into it to activate the surface and carve into space using line (Clement Greenberg’s minimalist “cut” – cue contextualization reference!!). The whole thing’s gone viral and I’ve got tape going up the walls and across the ceiling too if some one will bring me a ladder!!!

RW: Oooo a fellow tape geek. Talk to me about tape.  Duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, double sided tape, cellotape, packing tape.

SC: TAPE ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!! I’m into strapping tape, Ruby…I like the stretch…it’s tensile properties. Electrical tape has proved a challenge -I scribe these lovely arcs, get ’em under loads of tension,then in the morning they’ve curled up and retracted…like a lot of men!!!

RW: How did your course land you in the arms of the Depot?
SC: I’m here at Depot Arts Space as an intern,as part of my professional Practice and Internship Paper at Unitec. This is a really well constructed and facilitated paper -plug plug!! Depot Art Space was my preferred choice of community arts centre options and I am rapt to be here. Depot has a strong commitment to participation and excellence – the community engagement is immense.

RW: What are you working on specifically at the Depot?

SC: I have just started installing an installation in the Lounge of the Vernacular within the Depot here in Clarence Street Devonport – CHECK IT OUT!!!. the installation draws links between food, memory, socialisation and social participation embedded within our cultural associations with food. In short: you come in, play with play dough and let your memories come. I want participants to really feel they can take their time to play and write and draw their memories…share their food memories, stories and recipes. Oh, I’ve left my play dough recipe for people to take home with dough also rocks – I draw with that too!!!

RW: If you play with tape and play dough at work what do you do for fun out of work?
SC: After hours I… like….. to…….

RW: What is for lunch today? I’m peckish again.

SC: Eat lunch… what a good idea, Ruby…

You can keep up to date with Siobhan’s internship on her blog…