A visit to Margaret Lawlor Bartlett's

A visit to Margaret Lawlor Bartlett’s

On Thursday last week peace activist Ruth Coombes, Linda Blincko, Ruby Watson and I met with Margaret Lawlor-Bartlett at her home studio to discuss her involvement in the peace movement and the many ways in which we can explore what peace means to us as individuals and as a country.

As with the visit to Ruth’s a few weeks ago, the setting was tranquil, the work was challenging and the conversation stimulating. Margaret has been involved in many different aspects of the Peace movement and is well known for the co-ordination of the VAANA (Visual Artists Against Nuclear Arms) mural which still stands on the corner of Ponsonby and Karangahape Rd. Ruby, Linda and I are looking forward to working with her on the co-ordination of the Peace map…