Mapping Meliors...

Mapping Meliors…

Visualization is one of the key elements of presenting information. When done correctly it should not only present the facts, but stimulate the viewers interest in the subject it pertains to.

Last year my sister and Busy Nice partner Leah and I worked with Dr Megan Dowie from the Center for Brain Research (CBR) to produce an exhibition called Do You Mind?

The exhibition paired 15 local, newly established artists with researchers from the CBR. We used various selection processes to find artists to participate one of which was advertising on The Big Idea. This process introduced us to the work of many talented artists including that of Meliors Simms. Eventually we concluded that we would only work with artists living in Auckland to ease the communication that was so integral to the exhibition production. This meant that unfortunately we did not include Meliors in our final selection.

Looking at hand-drawn and hand-made maps online I keep coming back to the beautiful, detailed and thought-provoking maps produced by Meliors stitch by stitch, day by day. Meliors work is meditative in its production, a repetitious physical engagement is seemingly the basis of much of her practice. A pause is often necessary for the contemplation of her work and this measure of engagement may produce an empathy for her subject of concern.

Above: My Antarctica, as photographed at Meliors open studio dayAbove: My Antarctica (Ross Island) by Meliors Simms, Wool, cotton, thread on board, 2010
Collection of Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato
Gifted by the Friends 2010