What it look like - Data visualization

What it look like – Data visualization

What it look like?

One of the biggest and most exciting challenges this project encompasses is the final visualization.

Am I am way, way ahead of myself in fantasizing how it’s all going to come together when I have even figured out yet how to document my research and only just discovered hyperlinks in MS Office (non-academic over here)? Is my punctuation correct?

Well generally the visualization of information is dictated by the information it pertains to, so in some ways – Yes, way ahead of myself.

But as we are still debating what specific information we wish to present, creating test assemblages of entities each in their own visualization and seeing how they correlate will help us to determine what other information we may be missing, or other paths for investigation – So not entirely

Here are a few examples* I’ve been looking at today:

emo+beer = busted career

There are many beautiful data-visualizations on the web, some thought-provoking, some amusing like the one above. If you click on the image you will be redirected to Earl Boykins blog, where you can find out what other musicians he might be in a meeting with on his iPod alongside other whimsical charted reviews.

There are awe-inspiring data-visualization programmes too, like the example you can see here, produced by Skyrails a few years ago. That example in particular reminds me a little of the diagrams used to depict the Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil films. Unfortunately the use of coding is so integral to using the majority of this programming that it’s probably not an option at this stage.

And then I saw this…


and I thought, what’s a rhizome? and I decided that would need another post…

…which I might write tomorrow…

…or sometime soon anyway

*There are so many pages, examples, individuals and companies dedicated to data-visualization, these are measly examples really, if you have any favourites why not post them in the comment section as links?